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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Combining two of your favorite things, a great cup of coffee and a strategically taken selfie, Grindosetamp definitely changed the brewing game here in the City of Pines.

A Bunch of Selficcinos with the Baguio Bloggers' Logos

To be honest, I am not a coffee person. That's probably the reason why I adamantly refuse to enter Starbucks of my own accord and pay for, what I personally believe is, an overpriced cup of BS (Peace SB aficionados). I only get to see the inside of Starbucks if someone I'm meeting insists on it AND if that person is the one buying. No dice.

However, seeing my face on top of my coffee is a whole new story. I mean, hello? Latte art is certainly impressive but my photo in vivid color? Tons of brownie points! I just can't wait to try it. So we headed on to Albergo Hotel on an early Sunday morning and found Grindosetamp Cafe just right outside. The minimalist decor with personal touches of 3D art on the walls was a welcoming change of scenery. It's unlike the overly common theme that we find in most cafes. The tufted black booths added just the right pop of color, matching the crisp, white walls.

Refreshing Green Tea with Cheese Frosting! Love!

Aside from the coffee, which featured my shameless selfie, I also got to try some of their drinks. I was a little hesitant at first, seeing as the beverages came in bright colors, but in the end, I was pleasantly surprised as to how the uncommon combinations resulted into something delectable. The Highland Mama absolutely recommends the Green Tea with Cheese Frosting, by the way. It's like enjoying a cupcake frosting but on your tea. As weird as I made that sound, it worked so damn well! I am now an ultimate fan!

A lot of South Korean students also hang-out in Grindosetamp. And I must say, the menu does really fit their palate. They offer quite an array of pasta which defies the boring flavors you see elsewhere. Their Arrabiata Con Cordillera is a definite must-try. It's your fave pasta infused with a Cordilleran kick. I also love how they are into supporting local coffee farmers. They made sure to outsource their beans only from the best local Cordilleran producers.

I got super curious as to how they came up with such a concept so I pestered the other half of the Grindosetamp Cafe, Ms. Ricca Concio, to which she patiently obliged. According to her, their dissatisfaction of the limited coffee choices here in the city fueled the idea of putting up their own cafe. She and her boyfriend, Sir Fern Bagay, are self-confessed hardcore coffee lovers. They would often check-out the coffee shops within and outside Baguio just to sample various cups of coffee and see which one would take their breath away. Unfortunately, the options were too scanty and just not what they were looking for. Thus, the then-budding idea germinated into a more concrete plan.

The owners, Sir Fern Bagay and Ms. Ricca Concio with the Baguio Bloggers: I am Raediant, Macky Benj, Igorota Taste and The Highland Mama.

Soon enough, the couple started their research, hunted great possible locations and invested resources as well as a lot of time and energy into the project. Judging from the way they showcase their expertise, you could easily see that they truly revere their craft.

Fueled by their quest for the "Perfect Blend".

It's simply amazing how these two manage to work harmoniously with each other. Granted that they've been together since 2014, I still can't believe how smooth they run things. I mean, my husband and I have been together way back 2007 and if we're running a cafe together, I bet the pressure would push us to constantly bite each other's head off. Haha.

Another thing that I admire the most from this couple-slash-business partners is the gleaming pride that exudes while talking about their cafe. It's quite apparent that this is not just a business built for profit but rather a business built out of passion. This couple's quest in providing their fellow caffeine enthusiasts with a cup that's to die for is truly pushing the boundaries of their creativity. With that in mind, it makes me so excited to see what they will have in store for us next.

If you haven't watched my Grindosetamp Cafe Vlog, then click here!

Don't forget to visit Grindosetamp Cafe! Let me know your experience by leaving a comment!

Ta-ta for now!


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