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Petite Fashion: How to Rock Maxi Skirts For Shorties

I resent my short legs. Let's get that out in the open. I really do. I wish I got legs that go on for miles. Alas, life as we know it does not always work out the way we want it to.

For petite girls like me, there are certain clothing pieces that do not accentuate our shorter limbs. For instance, long flowy maxi skirts may be a bit intimidating for us. The most logical choice for short girls is to go for short skirts. It's a bummer having limited options, I know. So let me share some work-arounds that can help so that you too can flirt with these fun skirts!

High Time for High-Waists

A popular trick is to choose high-waists. A high-waist skirt would make your legs longer by dividing the body into two different proportions: the 1/3 for your upper body and 2/3 for your lower body. This definitely creates an illusion that you've got legs for days. Make sure to choose a more fitted style on the waist area, and as much as possible, avoid bulky garterized waists. To further give curve and definition, A-lined skirts are a much better choice.

TIP: Always tuck your shirt or blouse in to highlight your "elevated" waistline.

Pair it with the Right Top

As a rule of thumb, avoid using long sleeves along with your long skirts. Puffy sleeves and bulky tops are also a No-No. Sometimes, wearing these may look like we are drowning in fabric. Rock some crop tops or string camisoles. Bare shoulders are also a perfect choice. It's all about finding the perfect balance. Remember, your top will either make or break your outfit.

Lean Towards Heels

Pointed shoes should always be your go-to. May it be closed or toe-baring, choose a pair that has a tapered front. It's also preferable to pick shoes with slender heels for dressier occasions. Wedges on the other hand can make your whole outfit a little bit more casual. I'm afraid I'm giving a big no to ankle straps or ankle boots. These pairs would make your style look bulky and heavy. To ensure that your skirt works with your shoes, it's best to pick a skirt with toe-grazing length.

When in Doubt, Wear Black

Well, not totally, but as much as possible go monochrome! Solid colors are always ideal. I know what you're thinking. What about those spring floral skirts? They look so gorgeously appropriate for summer! I feel you! It's so hard to turn down these chic florals so here is another tip: Take the size of the print into consideration. The print should not be bigger than your fist. Go with the little sunflowers or teeny polka dots. Big, busy prints does not always work well on a small canvas, if you get my drift. Furthermore, one of the oldest trick in the fashion book is to choose vertical stripes or lines in order to elongate your figure. Pleated skirts are also my ultimate fave! I own lots in different colors. It just gives you that illusion of having that most-coveted slender legs. You can also opt for those button down skirts as these give the same effect.

Let Your Legs Peek a Little(or a Lot!)

Finally, go be foxy, mama! Try some side slits. Or better yet, be bolder and wear slits on both sides. No judgement here. The slits will make you look less swamped by the fabric. Speaking of fabric, make sure to choose a material that hugs your silhouette. A fabric that is following your every move. That will certainly give you a more feminine semblance. Baggy, voluminous skirts are never a good idea for short girls since they give us a frumpy look.

There you go! What we lack in height, we make up for in style and a butt-load of persistence. Try these trend-tested tips that can hopefully help you make maxi skirts your new BFF!

All the best,

The Highland Mama


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