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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Working from home. Making a career for yourself within the comforts of your own humble abode. Every mom’s dream, am I right? You know, being able to juggle your domestic duties and mommyhood while earning a decent salary to fund your lipstick obsession or that in-season pair of boots. It’s the perfect life!

My Sofia at 4 months old.

Months after I gave birth, I was constantly tethered to my bed as my baby was also tethered to my boobs. It was one of the most difficult things that I had to keep up with and in the beginning, it was even more painful than labor itself. But since I was so engrossed with the idea of “Breast is best” I tried everything to keep my baby latched on. Thus, for this reason, I decided to quit my daytime job of being an EFL teacher for good. I was determined to be a menial housewife. It did not take long before it dawned on me that a broke, domesticated life is definitely not my cup of tea. I was so keen on earning my own money that I tried every possible way there is. Well, okay. Maybe not all but I was so adamant to not ask money from my hubby for things as austere as underwear or you know, a blush-on, that I've even tried selling my belongings. That wasn’t so bad, by the way. As letting go means having extra space for you to put the new ones. Teehee.

My Short-Lived Child Care Center

I also tried being an entrepreneur at some point wherein I failed quite spectacularly. Too bad I was not one to give up that easy so I tried again and this time, my failure was so immense it put me off from becoming a businesswoman altogether. For now, anyway. Haha. And so since apparently, I’ve become quite the opposite of King Midas, wherein everything I touch turns to crap, I decided to go back to something that I was relatively good at. I went back to teaching. But this time, through the power of the mighty Internet, I tried telecommuting. My husband and I found a Chinese company which pays 4 dollars an hour. Not too shabby, right? So I went through the hiring process and passed, then my husband bought me a laptop as a Valentine's day gift and that's basically it. It was okay for the most part.

"So I decided to pursue another path. Again. This time, I wanted a sure win."

Eventually, though, I found that my relentless and constantly unsatisfied self was still unhappy. I saw other people slaving off through various remote jobs and they were doing pretty well. Even better than my sore-throat inducing job. So I decided to pursue another path. Again. This time, I wanted a sure win. I did my research and I came across a lot of recommendations leading to Filipina Home-based Moms.


I was very hesitant at first. But I joined their group and read a lot of good reviews so I dove head-on. I enrolled in their Cool Program. I was so positive that this time I’ll bag a better job. I carefully created a well-detailed profile and a somewhat convincing resume. I even bought a domain for myself and created a site which I filled up with my writing portfolio. Then, I started applying. I took it step by step. I was very careful to only apply for jobs that I would really enjoy or see myself doing. I initially applied for a fashion company in New York, unfortunately, I was days late. The job was already taken even before I handed in my application. Next, I tried a social media management position and as luck would have it. I was again, too late.

Try and Try Again

“Failing doesn't make us a failure. But not trying to do better, to be better, does make us fools.” ― Wes Moore

But then, It was probably my unwavering optimism coupled with a dash of luck and a ton of God-given timing, I found a freshly posted job and applied for the third time. Voila! A few hours after I sent in my application, I received a reply with an interview schedule. I was so giddy that I did my best to research the employers and their company just to ace the interview. I had to bring out the big guns and dazzled them with my persona. I even went as far as bringing up the articles I found about them and a little bit of brown-nosing. Okay, a lot. Haha. It worked though. The interview went great and I was asked to submit my piece for their final test.

Here is where I realized that my "always going over-the-top" was such an advantage. They asked for an article featuring a certain product and it was to be submitted in 48 hours. Well, not only did I hand it in less than 12 but I also created a separate website and wrote the article in a blog post. Inserted photos, and a GIF of Chris Pratt from the TV show Parks and Recreation. Furthermore, I also added a great review of the product unboxing from YouTube.

So, instead of submitting a mere word/pdf file, I went all out. After all, I do aspire to be a different level of extra. And I came out a winner! It was all worth the anxiety. I was chosen. For the first time in a long time, I felt that, things are finally falling into their right places. Want to know the funniest thing? Parks and Recreation happened to be their ultimate favorite and that may have sealed the deal. How cool is that? It is quite possible that the gaping GIF of Chris Pratt just proved that I was, indeed, made for the job. So let me tell you this, be extra. Go beyond what your prospective employer is asking from you. This will not only prove that you are quite adept in various things but that you are also willing to give them more than your 100%.

If you really want the odds to be in your favor, then..

Be better. Be more. Be extra.



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